2021 Airstream Classic Dimensions and Carrying Capacity

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An Overview of the 2021 Airstream Classic Dimensions and Carrying Capacity
Known for its high-tech offerings and iconic look, the 2021 Airstream Classic is the perfect model for adventuring families. For storage and amenity purposes, you may be curious about the model’s dimensions and overall carrying capacity. At Airstream of Scottsdale, we provide several tables and pockets of information below to help you out:

The interior of a 2021 Airstream Classic.
Exterior Dimensions and Maximum Trailer Capacity
30RB & 30RB Twin 2021 Airstream Classic Size Options 33RB & 33RB Twin
31’3” Exterior Length 33’
8’ 5.5” Exterior Width 8’ 5.5”
7,788 lbs. Unit Base Weight 8,261 lbs.
10,000 lbs. Maximum Trailer Capacity 10,000 lbs

If you’re curious about storing your 2021 Airstream Classic, you will want to know how much space it takes up. While the 30RB and 30RB Twin models measure interior space in their name, their exteriors both equate to 31-feet three-inches long. Meanwhile, both models offer similar exterior width numbers. For towing and Trailer Capacity, both models vary in unit base weight, but with similar Maximum Trailer Capacity. This means that the 30-foot models can hold up to 2,212 lbs of net carrying capacity while the 33-foot models only offer 1,739 lbs.

Interior Dimensions inside the 2021 Airstream Classic
30RB & 30RB Twin 2021 Airstream Classic Size Options 33RB & 33RB Twin
6’ 7.5” Interior Height (With A/C) 6’ 7.5”
8’1” Interior Width 8’1”
5 Sleeping Capacity 5

Looking at the interior space, the 2021 Airstream Classic also adds plenty of space in terms of width and height. With the ceiling reaching almost 6-feet 8-inches, many travel trailer enthusiasts should have plenty of overhead space. Both the 30-foot and 33-foot renditions offer a sleeping capacity of up to five people. This is done with the fold-down dinette area, which provides a 42” by 76” area for sleeping. Both layouts have either a Queen Size Bed (80” x 75”) or two Twin Beds (36” x 80”). Plus, each model offers sizable Fresh Water (54 gallons), Gray Water (37 gallons), and Black Water (39 gallons) tanks.

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