An Explanation of Airstream Floor Plan Names

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Explaining the Airstream Floor Plan Naming Conventions
The iconic Airstream name has been around for decades in the RV industry. Filled with a host of modern, quality floor plans for every model, the brand is the go-to spot for RV enthusiasts. But for those who are newer to the Airstream community, you may be caught up in the naming schemes. How is a Globetrotter® 23FB different from a Classic 30RB Twin? At Airstream of Scottsdale, we decided to go over the Airstream floor plan naming conventions to help you out.

Model Name and Length
The first half of the naming conventions include both the Airstream model name and overall length. With up to eight current models, Airstream models feature a myriad of designs and are given different names – such as Nest, Basecamp, Caravel, and Globetrotter® to name a few. To make sure those interested have more context, the model length is also included for easy evaluations. With trailer’s varying in overall length, having a specific measurement can give customers an idea of both size and potential weight.

Bed Placement
The second two parts to the Airstream naming combination also provides interior information to the model. The third portion of the naming comes in bed placement. Depending on size, each model is given a code for where the bed is located: FB (front bed), RB (rear bed) and CB (corner). For smaller models like the Nest, a “U” code indicates that the bed U-dinette converts into the queen bed.

Optional Bed Size Indicator
The final code for Airstream naming conventions comes in the direct size of the bed. Only some models with bed size options are given this code at the end of its title. Models such as the Flying Cloud offer regular queen (no indicator), twin, and even bunk options, so its title reflects which style the model is. This is especially helpful for larger models with families in mind.

Floor plan for the 2020 Airstream Flying Cloud 23CB Bunk
Floor plan for the 2020 Airstream Flying Cloud 23FB
Find the Perfect Airstream Model for You at Scottsdale, AZ
Between all the available models, knowing how the naming conventions work for Airstream floor plans can help you quickly identify basic information when you’re searching for your ideal Airstream model. Stop into Airstream of Scottsdale in the Scottsdale area to see if you can understand the basic conventions with our inventory!

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