How Much Does an Airstream Weigh?

January 8th, 2021 by

Looking to buy an Airstream but you’re not sure how much the model you are looking for weighs? It’s important to know how much your Airstream weighs so you can find the right truck to pull it and everything else inside, including full water tanks. Continue reading for the weights of the most popular models at Airstream of Scottsdale.

Airstream Model Weights
Most Airstream models weigh between 3,000 and 5,000 lbs., although there are some that lie outside that general range. The heaviest model is the Classic at almost 8,000 lbs, and the lightest is the Basecamp at just over 2,500 lbs. Weights can vary by model year, so keep that in mind when viewing the list below. This list was created using the specifications from multiple recent model years, so use it as a rough estimate. To know exactly what to prepare for in terms of towing, research the specifications of the exact model year and model.

Basecamp– 2,585 lbs

Nest– 3,400 lbs

Sport– 2,860 lbs

Flying Cloud– 3,852 lbs

Signature– 4,761 lbs

Serenity– 4,761 lbs

Globetrotter– 6,074 lbs

Tommy Bahama– 4,200 lbs

Classic– 7,788 lbs

Bambi– 3,000 lbs

Caravel– 3,500 lbs

Can My Truck Pull an Airstream?
Most half-ton pickups have the torque and towing capacity to pull most of the airstreams in the list above. Check to see what kind of engine is in your truck. Most half-ton pickups with V8 engines can pull over 10,000 lbs., but if your truck has a V6 engine, you might not be able to safely pull an Airstream Classic model, even with all its tanks empty. Consult your truck’s owner’s manual to see what your maximum towing capacity is, and make sure you get the right hitch and connections to tow that much. If you have a Heavy Duty or Super Duty truck, you should be able to pull at least 10,000 lbs. or up to 20,000 lbs. at most.

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