How to Safely Tow an Airstream Travel Trailer

September 28th, 2020 by

Tips and Tricks on How to Tow an Airstream Travel Trailer Safely
With so much going on in the world, hitting the open road and great outdoors for adventure has never sounded better. But those who are new to the hobby may not be aware of some of the important tricks to having a successful trip with a trailer. At Airstream of Scottsdale, we provide some basic tips on how to prepare and safely tow an Airstream travel trailer.

A 2020 Audi Q3 towing a 2020 Airstream Nest at dusk.
Know Your Trailer Details
When you first think about heading on a long trip, you should consider the details and specifications of your Airstream trailer. This also rings true for the vehicle you’re using to tow it, as every vehicle has a towing capacity you should never exceed. Beyond that, your trailer also has vital information and actions needed for you to haul it without any trouble. This includes knowing the following:

Overall Trailer Height
Maximum trailer weight capacity
Process of Securely Hitching the Trailer
Attaching Brakes and Lights Properly
You can simply refer to the owner’s manual found within both your vehicle and Airstream trailer to find out this information to plan ahead.

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Ensure Clean Visibility and Brake Control
Before you begin the long trek to your destination, be sure that you have what you need to safely drive. This includes testing your brakes, which are the most important aspect of any drive in case you need to pull over or drive through steep inclines and declines. Another point to look for is your visibility from the driver seat. If you have a longer Airstream, you may want to consider installing a camera or extended side mirrors

Map Your Destination & Take Your Time
One of the most important tips to seriously take into consideration is to both map your route and take your time on the roads. Having a direct and safe route can be important, especially when driving in mountainous areas. A great idea on any long road trip is to also schedule an extra day or two for travel. This will allow you not to feel rushed and push your vehicle and trailer to its limit. This also allows you to take rests every couple of hours to stretch and refuel. Plus, you can find some amazing locations on the open American roads that are sure to pique your family’s interest!

Find Your Next Airstream Trailer in the Scottsdale, AR, Area
With so many places in the United States and beyond to explore, being safe on the roads is a priority. We at Airstream of Scottsdale value your safety and can help you with any questions you may have on towing Airstream models in our new and used inventory. We can help you regardless of experience or Airstream knowledge! Stop in today or give us a call before your next trip!

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