Airstream eStream Travel Trailer

March 23rd, 2022 by

Our New Airstream eStream Travel Trailer Promises ‘Electrifying Adventure’

Groundbreaking innovations in the realm of RVs, campers, and trailers are hard to come by, but the Airstream eStream concept promises to change that. EV trucks with electric motors are slowly taking over as the new standard in RVs and campers. However, when people hook up a trailer to an EV truck, they lose half their driving range, which the eStream aims to change.

The Airstream eStream is an electric travel trailer with a battery-powered electric drivetrain. It’s the newest offering from the corporate partnership between Thor Industries and Airstream, two of the leading innovators in the RV industry. Their engineers were looking for ways to leverage the marriage of advanced electronic systems and high-voltage batteries found in passenger and freight trucks to improve efficiency in a concept vehicle, and they found it.

In this explainer, our electric vehicle and RV experts from We Are Airstream Superstore of Chandler outline how combining a lighter trailer with ultrasonic sensors and an expansive solar rooftop creates the camper of the future through the Airstream eStream concept. We’ll also give you the lowdown on whether the production model can measure up to the promises of the engineers and marketers at Thor Industries.

What Is the Airstream eStream?

The Airstream eStream is an all-electric travel trailer that can help people improve the range of their EV and gasoline trucks without help from combustion motors. Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler first presented the eStream concept in January 2022, and campers from all over the United States have high hopes for it.

Energy conservation through technology is always an attractive concept in camper culture. Now that an all-electric travel trailer is on the way, Airstream enthusiasts are starting to feel the hype. They no longer have to worry about finding the next gas station for their tow vehicle when they want to stay off the grid.

The eStream electric drivetrain benefits from a connection to expansive solar panels on the rooftop, helping it generate battery power and improve the fuel economy of the tow vehicle. Campers no longer need to rely on shore power to keep their devices running. They can enjoy a steady stream of electric power through highly efficient batteries even when they’re miles away from a campground.

The eStream can adapt to a broad range of real-world conditions, with Airstream parent company Thor Industries promising it can take on desert heat and sub-zero temperatures with no issue. But does the new Airstream deliver?

Dynamic Engineering Is More than an Idea

The eStream electric trailer follows the trademark silver bullet design you can find in nearly every Airstream concept. Engineers had the eStream powertrain integrated into the body to reduce drag and optimize weight distribution. It’s heavily optimized for an electric tow vehicle, although you can tow it with standard pickups and RVs as well.

The Airstream eStream travel trailer features two motors that work with a drive axle, which extends towing range by a large margin. Intuitive stability controls and ultrasonic sensors eliminate the need for weight distribution hitches. These dual motors work with the towing vehicle to propel the camper forward, cutting your fuel consumption in half.

Before going on a long drive, you can fold the rooftop solar panels into the body to reduce wind resistance. The eStream has remote control systems that will allow you to turn it into one of the most aerodynamic campers in the market with the push of a few buttons.

The eStream is one of the first silver bullet trailers without air conditioner vents and boxes. You can find them in the basement, completing a radical effort by Airstream engineers to streamline their trailers for long road trips.

Live Comfortably off the Grid for up to Two Weeks

For most campers, finding the nearest campground with spare shore power is always in the back of their minds when driving a traditional Airstream. For travelers hooking up their trailer to a Tesla model or another electric towing vehicle, finding the next power source or charging station is always top-of-mind.

The eStream comes with unparalleled power efficiency thanks to the combination of several state-of-the-art technologies. It comes with solar panels on the roof that load 900 watts of power into high-voltage battery cells with very little transmission loss. Advanced electronic systems provide surge-free continuous power to Wi-Fi modems, electric appliances, and computers.

The battery banks can load up to 80 kilowatt-hours of electricity, around 30 times the capacity of traditional Airstream trailers.

The advanced power grid of the eStream allows you to use an air conditioner without worrying about using up your batteries. It eliminates the need for noisy gas-powered generators and backup propane tanks, creating a self-contained trailer that can be your permanent home on wheels.

Experience the Self-Parking Technology of the Future Today

If you’re having trouble getting into a parking spot, the eStream has you covered. The dual axle motors connected to the wheels can operate on two modes:

  • Move Mode
  • Drive Mode

Drive Mode allows it to supplement the acceleration of the towing vehicle, while Move Mode propels it at low speeds while you steer using a remote.

Owners of the eStream will be able to position it for hitching without touching a steering wheel. If you’re looking for a trailer that can remotely park itself, the eStream is your best bet.

When Can I Drive the eStream?

According to Wheeler, the eStream is a near-future product. The company is considering streamlining a few features to make an enticing offer to the buying public. They might reduce the dual drivetrain into a single full powertrain or cut down the wattage ratings on the solar panels.

Airstream says that the eStream is at least two years out from its production date. The company is examining feedback from over 800 potential clients who have been inquiring about the trailer from dealers.

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