Thanksgiving, Airstream-Style

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From heading out to explore the holiday’s origins, to opening the door to your Airstream for guests, we’ve got a bounty of ideas for how to #LiveRiveted this Thanksgiving.

It’s a tradition that transcends culture, race, and religion. And although it revolves around gratitude, Thanksgiving can be celebrated just about any old way you wish. That’s the beauty of the universal custom. Sure it usually involves food – turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie – but that’s just a general guide. Vegans celebrate the bounty with pseudo turkey. Those without family ties celebrate the trendy Friendsgiving. For others, it’s more about a football game, parade or door buster sales.

No matter what you’re grateful for, don’t be afraid to break the mold when it comes to how you celebrate. In fact if you’re itching to use your Airstream, Thanksgiving just might be the perfect time to log some miles. Don’t let the traditional way of celebrating stop you. Here are five ways to embrace Thanksgiving with four wheels under your table.

Airstream Thanksgiving Turkey food ideas

  1. Travel to Plymouth Rock

Hitch up your travel trailer and head to the site of the “America’s hometown” Thanksgiving celebration. Plymouth, Massachusetts, the coastal town just south of Boston might not be on your bucket list, but when it comes to honoring the holiday, what better place to visit? From Plymouth Rock, the original location of the landing of the Mayflower, to the Pilgrim Hall Museum and the Plymouth Plantation, a recreation of Plymouth village, there’s no better way to understand the origins of Thanksgiving.

  1. Enjoy the feast without the fuss

A dozen or more RV parks across the country host Thanksgiving feasts for travelers on the road. If you’re looking to see the sites, you can head to Yosemite National Park where they host three dinners throughout the day. If you want sunny skies and sandy beaches, Emerald Beach RV Resort in Florida celebrates with a potluck style meal. And if you want more of the Midwest Thanksgiving feel you can head to Tennessee where several state parks have onsite restaurants that will be serving up all the fixings. You can savor the holiday without the hassle.

  1. Host a progressive Thanksgiving

Gather your RV friends and family, head to your favorite destination, and host a progressive-style Thanksgiving meal. Move from trailer to trailer enjoying all the traditional favorites. Drinks in one trailer, appetizers in the next, turkey and trimmings at another, before moving on to the dessert trailer. You can share the burden of the meal preparation in your ideal location with old and perhaps new friends as well.

  1. Keep it traditional

If you’re open to traveling on Thanksgiving or live in your Airstream camper fulltime – but still want a more traditional meal – with a few adjustments you can host your best Thanksgiving yet. Here are some tips and tricks to orchestrate a customary meal with all the trimmings made with abundant gratitude from your tiny home on wheels.

  1. Hunker down at home and host

You don’t even have to leave your driveway to enjoy your Airstream on Thanksgiving. While you may not rent your Airstream out on AirBnB, when your brother and his family are in town for the festivities they can enjoy their own private quarters and you can enjoy a peaceful night sleep.

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No matter what you’re grateful for, let your attitude of gratitude shine this Thanksgiving in your silver bullet. From the comfort of your driveway to any destination you can dream up, with family or strangers, include your travel trailer in your Thanksgiving traditions.


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