When Should I Winterize my Airstream Model near Scottsdale, AR?

October 28th, 2020 by

Tips on How and When to Winterize Your Airstream Model for the Scottsdale, AR area
With the camping season waning quickly, you may have plenty of things to do with your Airstream model. From packing away linens or other useful items to winterizing the trailer itself, it can be a daunting task. But when should you winterize your Airstream model? At Airstream of Scottsdale, we provide a few tips to keep in mind on when to winterize and what method you should choose.

Take Your Local Climate in Consideration
The most important part of storing an Airstream travel trailer – or any camper or RV – is the water pipes. The entire process of winterizing consists of ridding your model’s system of any water that could freeze and burst your pipes. In this way, taking into consideration the climate in your area is important. Typically, the Scottsdale area only has around 4-5 days of freezing low temperatures. However, the months of December thru February are the coldest, so winterizing before these months would work best unless you plan to camp further south for long periods.

Determine If You’re Storing your Airstream or Using It During the Winter
A good question to ask yourself is how to winterize your model as well. If you still plan on using your Airstream trailer during winter months, perhaps blowing out the water of the pipes and tanks each time you finish using it works best. However, if you plan to store it until warmer weather hits, it’s best to pump RV antifreeze through the liquid systems to prevent freezing. The Airstream site has a great guide on how to do it exactly for models, which can be found here.

Find Winterizing Tools or Schedule a Service with Airstream of Scottsdale
If you don’t have time or want to make sure your model can be stored effectively, stop into Airstream of Scottsdale to winterize your model! While we offer sales professionals, we can also provide service for your model to ensure its longevity. Schedule an appointment with our staff online today!

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