Winter Tips for Your Airstream Model this Winter

December 29th, 2020 by

A List of Winter Tips for Storage or Use of Your Airstream Model
Though many Arizonans don’t experience harsh winter climates, lots of us still experience enough of a shift to change our camping patterns. With cooler temperatures or road trips up north, having additional items on the road can help you. While we covered when to winterize your vehicle in the Scottsdale area, Airstream of Scottsdale now provides some winter tips and accessories for when you want to use your trailer this winter. Plus, we offer some accessory options you may want if you decide to winterize your model.

A couple laying down inside a 2020 Airstream Basecamp with extra blankets.
Airstream Accessories for Cold Weather Camping
When camping in cool or cold weather, keeping items and people warm is a top priority. Even in regard to your Airstream model, having the right accessories and items equipped can save you in damages and heightened costs. Equipping and customizing thicker blinds is a great way to retain heat when you use the heater. Adding any additional storage options to pack more clothes and blankets is also a must in case of emergency. Other ideas you may want to consider includes:

Having a Second Heater Inside Your Trailer
Packing Additional Gas or Propane for Cooking
Bringing a Shovel to Avoid Getting Stuck
Equipping Winter Tires on your Airstream
Accessories for Airstream Storage

If you don’t decide to use your Airstream during the winter months, only a handful of accessories are needed. One of the primary concerns to exterior damage during storage is exposure to precipitation. Purchasing an RV cover for your Airstream model can protect it during outdoor or indoor storage. Plus, a covered trailer can make for a quick and easy cleanup once you want to head out on your first adventure of the year. Going through the process of placing antifreeze in your pipes can also help prevent any internal damages to plumbing. Also, having all your food items taken out of the trailer is a good way to prevent rodents and other small creatures from wanting to get in.

Find Your next Airstream Travel Trailer at Airstream of Scottsdale
While our winters in Arizona don’t usually have snow or freezing cold temperatures for long periods, you can winterize your Airstream model at Airstream of Scottsdale. You can also find your next trailer and prepare for your next adventure with our range of 2021 Airstream models. Stop into our location today or view our inventory completely online!

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